End Time Countdown Messages


The “End Time Countdown Messages”, focuses on revealing the undiluted truth of God’s word for the end time. It provides clarity, removing ignorance, confusion, heresies, deception, and doubt about God’s plan. All individuals, families and churches should know. Knowledge of the truth is what sets free. The end time is also not all about doom, gloom, panic and anxiety. Celebrations will abound.

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Whilst no one knows the day Jesus will appear, God does nothing until first revealing it to His servants and Prophets. There are parallels between this time and the generations of Noah and Lot. God is now revealing to us what is soon to happen on earth.

Through the first book, “The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”, God has unveiled to this generation the coming end time shrouded in mysteries for centuries. The second book: “Finishing Strong In The End Time” reveals how to finish strong. This third book, “End Time Countdown Messages”, contains the undiluted truth to overcome end time deceptions. Many being blinded, will be pillaged and plundered by the false prophets and shepherds.

The book recounts the workings of God, His Son and Holy Spirit. It reveals end time parallels, and discusses many other areas including: Fulfillment of original Law; Making one’s election sure; Living above the Laws; Holy Spirit’s operation on the Earth; Loving God and Neighbors; The Sabbath; Saved once Forever?; Stupor, chastisement and reprobate; Obedience; Individual’s pre-creation specific assignment; The body, soul & spirit; Dormant gateways to sin; End Time Separation, Pruning & Tribulations; Believers Comfort in Gray; The pre-groundwork of false-Christ’s, prophets, shepherds and Pharisees; Deception, abominations, idolatry, blasphemy against God and His commands; The unholy trio of Satan, antichrist and false prophet; Satan’s brief achievement of age long desire for worship, and Jesus ending it forever. Church Unity; End time Money, Working, and Planning.


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End Time Countdown Messages