The Mirror Of The Timeline OF The End Time


This book, “The Mirror Of The Timeline Of The End Time”, reveals God’s farming process with identical patterns for the past, present and future seasons. The book reveals God’s objectives, plans and timeline for the coming harvest of His crops (God’s people) for this generation, the number of those to be saved and God’s plan for them, and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth, with His Son as the King and Priest, just as this second season ends and The Millennium, the third farming season starts.

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God is a Farmer and this generation is His second season of farming on earth. God’s farming harvest time on earth is what we know as “The End Time”. The crops are the souls. Being the same yesterday, today and forever, God has not changed in His methods and desires.

The book removes the fogs, like from a misty mirror, concerning the end time revelations and prophecies to provide clarity, connecting them clearly, including those not previously unveiled till now.

In the first harvest season, only eight were saved, being replanted as seeds for the start of the second farming season.

Many more will be saved this time around. However, the majority others will be destroyed as bad crops, being aligned with the Antichrist against God and His Kingdom. The actual numbers for both groups are revealed in this book. Ahead of the main harvest, God will pre-sample His crops, taking some as first fruits. The Adversary aware his time is running out will intensify activities (great tribulation) against the rest not ready. Those saved in the end will enjoy God’s mercy. Some will attain immortality, but many will not be taken to heaven, being left to mature, multiply and replenish the earth, in the third farming season which follows. During this time, God through His Son as King and Priest will bodily live with His people on earth. They will be trained and guided in the way of righteousness in every nation on earth. A determination will be made in the end if they meet the criteria for immortality.


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The Mirror Of The Timeline OF The End Time