Bible For Today

A Light, Plain, Accurate Bible Without Commentaries.

Complete With Old & New Testaments, From Genesis To Revelation,

In Today’s Language: Easily To Read, Understand And Enjoy,

Removes Frustration And Difficulty With Ancient Language, Words, Phrases, or Idioms

Preserves God’s Original Message Without Changing Meaning.

Complete With All Verses. No Verses Removed, Altered or Corrupted

Features Helpful Cross-References of Verses In Both OT/NT.

Uses Color Schemes To Distinguish Between Speakers.

How is BT Different From ETB.

  • BT is Bible for Today (BT). ETB is End Time Bible, (ETB).
  • The BT is a Lighter Bible To Read.
  • No Commentaries.
  • No Special Emphasis On End Time Events And Prophecies.
  • No Special Emphasis On Hebrew or Greek Words Alongside English Equivalents, etc.
  • No In-Built Dictionary For Alternative Words

Choose BT or ETB

  • Both BT and ETB In Today’s Language. Easy To Read, Understand And Enjoy.
  • Use BT As Light, Plain, Accurate Bible To Read.
  • Use ETB As More Comprehensive Reference or Study Bible.
  • ETB Provides Helpful Commentaries For Deeper
  • Understanding.
  • ETB Provides Clearer End Time Events & Prophecies.
  • ETB Has Original Hebrew & Greek Words, Names, Alongside English Equivalents.

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