Signs And Sequence Of The End Time Events

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The What, Where, How and When or the Order of the events of the end time! This Book “Signs And Sequence Of The End Time Events&quot” provides a detailed and easy to understand summary of the Signs and the Sequence in which the events of the end of times will happen. No one knows the exact date of the return of The LORD, but like the Fig Tree, we know the season, the collective pre-warning signs leading to it.

The What, Where, How and When or the Order of the events of the end time are explained in this book “Signs And Sequence Of The End Time Events” This is as prophesied in the Scriptures and confirmed with the various revelations and visions received by the writer. God does not ever abandon His own nor does He leave them in the dark. For as He did to Noah before the flood, and to Abraham before the end of Sodom and Gomorrah, so is God also now revealing ahead to us, to know of what is soon to happen in this generation, (Genesis 6:13-14, Genesis 18:17-19).

This is so that we may be fully prepared! For the return of The LORD will be sudden, like a thief in the night, (1 Thessalonians 5:2). God is sovereign. He chooses and does as He pleases. The Writer has no voice or message of his own, except to echo what has been received from The LORD by His Spirit, Scriptures, as well as several face-to-face visitations and revelations by The LORD Himself. And these have all been confirmed according to the Scriptures.

The Scripture says my people perish for lack of knowledge, (Hosea 4:6). This book “Signs And Sequence Of The End Time Events” is the seventh book on the end time, in addition to two Bible translations, the “End Time Bible, (ETB)”, and the “Bible For Today, (BT)”. We have been blessed with knowledge of the truth, as given by The LORD. And now, we cannot claim ignorance!

May the love, mercy and grace of God the Father through His Son, the Messiah and LAMB, and the power of His Holy Spirit be with each and every one in Him. Amen!

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