The End Time Bible

The End Time Bible, ETB is the Bible for the modern time, for today, all at your finger tips. It removes language difficulty as an obstacle for reader. The End Time Bible has been written in today’s language for all to understand. It is designed to make reading the Bible easy to understand and to enjoy at the same time, just like you would when reading any modern book. Some of the language, words, phrases or idioms used in some older versions of the Bible sound ancient and are quite difficult to understand or relate to, for new or older readers alike. The way a language is spoken or understood evolves and changes over time from generation to generation. 

So while the message being communicated may not have changed with time, but the words, phrases, idioms used in the same language may have changed. The result is that what is read is either misunderstood or the language sounds strange and unfamiliar, and they are unable to relate to the message. When people cannot relate to a language, they lose the meaning of the message, and also their interest in it as well.

The End Time Bible makes reading the Word of God, references to prophecy and end time events easy to understand. It takes the idioms used during the time the Bible message, prophecy or verse was first spoken or written and provides complete understanding for our modern mind to easily grasp. Many versions of the Bible have mistranslated or watered down Bible verses to mean something less than it actually originally gave…

Bible For Today

A Light, Plain, Accurate Bible Without Commentaries.

Complete With Old & New Testaments, From Genesis To Revelation,

In Today’s Language: Easily To Read, Understand And Enjoy,

Removes Frustration And Difficulty With Ancient Language, Words, Phrases, or Idioms

Preserves God’s Original Message Without Changing Meaning.

Complete With All Verses. No Verses Removed, Altered or Corrupted

Features Helpful Cross-References of Verses In Both OT/NT.

Uses Color Schemes To Distinguish Between Speakers…

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