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The End Time Bible Is Here . . .

Do you enjoy reading the Bible or are held back from reading it from a lack of comprehension or understanding?

Do you find the Word of God Sweet? Do you see it like a treasure more desirable and precious than gold? Do you use it as the lamp that gives you the light to guide you through the path of life?

Do you feel overwhelmed when you read the Bible or when you come across the mention of Bible prophecy in the media, on Christian news sites or TV?

You are not alone! Not many have read more than a few lines or chapters in the Bible. Bible readers, new and old alike can find the many messages and prophetic verses in the Word of God overwhelming and difficult to understand.

Do you find it tedious and difficult to understand or relate to the ancient language, words, phrases, or idioms used in some older versions of the Bible? Would you like to read the Bible in today’s language that is easy for you to quickly understand and relate to?

Do you find it puzzling, frustrating and wondering why some entire or parts of some key verses in the Bible have been removed or left out in some Bible versions? Would you not like to have in your hand a Bible version that is complete with all the verses, so you can know the complete message or Word of God?

The cumulative result from all of the above, and more, is that a great majority of Christians are not always so excited or interested in reading the Bible.

But I have good news for you! There is a simple solution now available. For I know a Bible version that will help you to better understand what God has in mind when giving His message and prophecy to us through His word. The Bible version is the End Time Bible, ETB. A Bible version that is appropriate for the times the world is in. And it will remain until The LORD returns, for He Himself commissioned it to be written. God wants His Word to be complete, as He has given it, without people taking out from it or adding to it. And at the same time easy for people to understand when they hear it or read by themselves!

Features Of The Endtime Bible

Sample Pages of the End Time Bible

The End Time Bible, ETB is the Bible for the modern time, for today, all at your finger tips. It removes language difficulty as an obstacle for reader. The End Time Bible has been written in today’s language for all to understand. It is designed to make reading the Bible easy to understand and to enjoy at the same time, just like you would when reading any modern book. Some of the language, words, phrases or idioms used in some older versions of the Bible sound ancient and are quite difficult to understand or relate to, for new or older readers alike. The way a language is spoken or understood evolves and changes over time from generation to generation. So while the message being communicated may not have changed with time, but the words, phrases, idioms used in the same language may have changed. The result is that what is read is either misunderstood or the language sounds strange and unfamiliar, and they are unable to relate to the message. When people cannot relate to a language, they lose the meaning of the message, and also their interest in it as well.

The End Time Bible makes reading the Word of God, references to prophecy and end time events easy to understand. It takes the idioms used during the time the Bible message, prophecy or verse was first spoken or written and provides complete understanding for our modern mind to easily grasp. Many versions of the Bible have mistranslated or watered down Bible verses to mean something less than it actually originally gave. The End Time Bible removes misinterpretation and corruption of the Bible messages and prophecies. By looking into the accurate Greek and Hebrew meanings of the prophecies and matching them up with the idioms used during the time they were written, the End Time Bible provides more complete understanding for our modern mind to grasp.

Also, depending on what version of the Bible that is being read, the readers may find that some entire verse(s) or parts of verses that were originally in the Bible have been removed over time. Some of these removed were messages spoken, not just by people or prophets, but by The LORD Yeshua The Messiah, or Jesus Christ. Examples include Matthew 18:11, Mark 11:26, Luke 11:36, Matthew 17:21, John 5:4,  Acts 8:37,Matthew 23:14, Mark 7:16, Mark 9:44, Mark 9:46, Mark 15:28,  Romans 16:24. It is as though the Word of God has become something we can be selective about. But the Word of God has been inspired by The Holy Spirit, and should not be changed, removed or watered down by anyone. For doing so creates a knowledge gap, in the message given by God. The reader ends up with partial knowledge of the Word of God given to us.  The messages in the verses are there for our benefits. They have been written or reported to guide or warn us, in this end time. They are there so we can have the full truth and not be lacking in knowledge. For people perish for lack of knowledge. The End Time Bible, preserves and retains all verses as they were originally given. It does not leave out or remove any of the verses.

You do not have to throw away your favorite version of the Bible. But rather, use the End Time Bible alongside it for better understanding. The End Time Bible would be a welcome addition to any study group, seeking to better understand what God has in mind when giving His message to us through His word. Reading the End Time Bible makes you wiser! It helps you to know and understand the Bible completely. It can help you by giving you years of research and information, as well as proper understanding. It puts the entire Bible message and prophecies into context for the modern times, all at your finger tips. The End Time Bible has commentaries which provide more detailed explanation on some difficult verses or sections of the Bible. The End Time Bible, also comes with helpful cross-references features. This cross-referencing feature between verses enables the reader to quickly see or know when something has been said in more than one verse, chapter, or Book in the Bible. This feature is particularly useful for in-depth study, confirmation, and understanding of the Bible. It also enables readers to know what has been fulfilled, what is being fulfilled, and what is yet to be fulfilled.

The End Time Bible clearly marks out which verses in the chapters or Books of the Bible relate to the end-time events. It makes it easy for people to easily follow, and provides a clearer understanding of end-time events.

Feedback from Readers

  “The End Time Bible, ETB,  is simple for me to read and to understand!” –  By A 10 year old

 “The End Time Bible helps me to read faster and understand things in the Bible more quickly”, – By A Teenager

“The End Time Bible, ETB, makes it easy for me to comprehend the depth and the details of God’s word”, – By A Young Adult.

“The End Time Bible, ETB, is for today in today’s language.  I have read KJV over the years. It is complete but written in a language  that is many centuries old and very difficult to understand or relate to. And other Bible versions such as NIV, NLT, ESV have removed or changed many verses. But the End Time Bible, ETB  combines simplicity of language, with completeness of verses. And it is very easy for all members of the family to study together”, – By A Parent

“The End Time Bible is very easy to understand. This makes it easy for me to share Bible verses to encourage my family members, friends and colleagues in this difficult times“, – By an Anonymous.

 “Every Pastor or Bible teacher needs a Bible version that will help them teach the Bible better,  prepare and preach their messages more easily. The End Time Bible, ETB, with its Commentaries and Cross-Referencing features will go a long way in making this possible for any Church and Bible study groups”, – By a Pastor.

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