The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled

The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled​

End of Time Mysteries Unveiled

This nonfiction guide recounts the events to follow for the end times, and what the author learned through visions from God. The book is a must for everybody, the young, the old of all social classes, races, colors, regardless of their faith, belief, or religion. The book is not about theology, doctrines or religion. It is about the truth, regarding the imminent ending of the current world system. This affects every person on Earth, the global economy, and government of every country.

This book alerts everyone of plan previously shrouded in mysteries for ages. It’s now revealed and unveiled for everyone to know. First, the author personally experienced and received a series of visions and revelations, between the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016. Following this was the detailed explanations and understanding, through the power of God, of what had been hidden mysteries for ages, concerning events of the end.

The author describes what he learns as he journeys with readers from Genesis to Revelation, solving the mysteries of the earth’s last days. All the sources, including references the author uses for researching the end-time mysteries are properly cited in the text they are used.

Discover The Answers To Many Questions:

  • The Full Truth About The End of Times
  • If It Affect Everyone on Earth &  The Options Available
  • How To Be Fully Prepared & Avoid The Mistakes of Others
  • Who Controls The End Time Events And What Is His Name
  • What Happens To People Who Die Before The End of Time
  • The Role of Past  & Present Governments on Earth For The End
  • What About The Seventy Sets Of Seven Weeks Given To Daniel
  • What Will Happen To Israel, Daniel’s People, From Now To The End
  • Is Jesus Really The Messiah of The World, Is Jesus His Real Name
  • The Shadow Fore-Runner Anti-Christ: Was There One on Earth Before Now
  • The Real End Time Anti-Christ:  When, How and Where Will He Arise, What Will He Do
  • What Happens In Heaven Just Before The Start of End Time on Earth
  • Will The Earth Be Totally Destroyed & Replaced With A New One

Answers To Many Questions #2:

  • What About Rapture, Resurrection, Tribulations, Etc: Are They Real & When Will They Happen
  • Who Will Qualify For Rapture How Many And In What Stages Will It Happen
  • Will All Christians Make It To Heaven? What About the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, & Other Faiths
  • Will There Still Be People on Earth After Rapture
  • What Happens To People Who Miss The Rapture. Is There A Second Chance
  • What Is Significance of The Seventh Trumpet And When Will It Blow
  • What Happens To The Wicked & The Good People In The End
  • The Twenty-One Categories of Judgments of God On Earth At The End
  • Will There Be War of Armageddon
  • What Will Happen To The Devil in The End
  • How Many Heavens Are There, Is There Life Below The Earth
  • What Is The First Resurrection, The Second Resurrection And The Second Coming
  • Is There A fixed Number Of People Who Make It To Heaven, What Does the Number 144,000 Represent
  • What Is The Purpose of The Great Tribulations of Christians

Answers To Many Questions continued …

  • Is Heaven Real? Is Hell Real? Is Lake of Fire Real? Where Are They
  • What Will Happen To Me At The End Of The World
  • When Will The End Happen
  • Should I Stop Working And Saving Because of the Coming End Time
  • How Can I Meet My Physical And Spiritual Needs In The End Time
  • What Will Happen To My Family, Can I Be With My Family, Children and Loved Ones
  • Will I Still Have A Family If I Go To Heaven, Can I Marry And Have Children In Heaven
  • Can I Take My Money, Valuables And Pets With Me
  • If I Am In Heaven What Will I Be doing, Will I Be Like An Angel
  • Will There Be Food And Entertainment In Heaven
  • What Do I Have To Do To Make Heaven, Do I Have To Believe in Jesus
  • Can Our Prayers Help Those Already Dead, Or Only When Alive On Earth
  • Does God Force Anyone to Follow Him, Can Satan Force Anyone To Follow Him. Is It An Individual Choice
  • Why Does God Allow Good along With Evil On Earth
  • How Do I know I Am Saved, And Ready For Rapture At The End

The writer is simply a messenger, not the author. He initiated nothing, receiving the visions, revelations, understanding, interpretation and direction as given him by God who is the true Author. He lives in the suburb of Houston in the USA with his wife and children.
He lived earlier part of his life, in Africa and Europe (the United Kingdom). He has travelled to many countries in Asia, Central and South America, Middle East and Australia.

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