Understanding the Bible in The End Time

Understanding the Bible in The End Time

Understanding the Bible in The End Time

This book, “Understanding The Bible In The End Time” is about getting clarity to verses or sections of the Bible and some age-old questions that have till now been difficult for believers and readers of the Bible alike to fully understand. It is the desire of God for us to fully understand the message He is communicating across to us. Ignorance and doubt can follow from lack of understanding.

About sixty areas are covered. For example, some want to know about the beginning, how it all started. Why is God addressed as The LORD in the Bible and what is the True Name He gave to Himself for us to call on Him? Why has God left the Devil to still be around, why is he not yet in hell after all these years? And is hell real, does it exists, and is it different or the same as the lake of fire? Why does God allow believers to still experience trials, some with very severe anguish? Is it His punishment for sin, or some other reasons?

How long are we expected to live? Why do some people die so early in life, how does God see the death of a person, how should believers handle such? Why are unbelievers so rich despite not following God? Does God have anything against believers being rich or not? Are some sins bigger and more difficult to forgive than others? What does the Bible say about sexual immorality and unnatural relationships? Will murderers, sexually immoral or bad people make heaven, and how?

About the end time, when is it, has it started already or how do we know when it is to start? Is the end time a one time event or has stages? Does The Covid-19 Corona Virus Disease have any end time significance? What about the past events like World Wars I and II, Spanish Flu, etc? What will happen to believers or unbelievers during the end time? Will they die or The LORD will take them away? What is Rapture, when will it happen and how many will be saved?

What is The Day Of The LORD? Is it just one day or more, and what will happen? Who will be the two end time prophets of God in Jerusalem? What are their identities? Are Elijah And John The Baptist the same person or are they different?

In the end time, will stars actually fall from heaven? And will there be war in heaven between the good angels and those of the Devil? Why, and will this affect the earth or how will it end?

What does the Bible say about the great tribulations in the end time? Is it different from what believers suffer now or when will the end time start? Who will be the Antichrist, will it be a human being or Satan himself?

Why is the Antichrist also called The Beast? Will the False Prophet also be a human being or a bad angel? What are the eight ruling kingdoms of the world? Will the Antichrist kingdom or government be the eight and last one? Will it rule over the whole world or just some part of it?

What is the difference between the Antichrist and Gog of Magog or are they the same? Why is the identity number that the Antichrist will give to his followers referred to as ‘666’?

Will anyone who does not take the identity still be able to buy things in shops or engage in business to sell things and services? Will God also have an identification number or a seal for His own? If so, what will it be?

Will anyone who already has the number of the Antichrist be able to change to God’s side and be saved? Is Babylon The Great real, is it existing now? What or where is it? What will happen to it in the end time?

Will a Temple be built in Jerusalem before The LORD returns? Will He use the Temple or build another one when He comes back?
Other topics also include:
About God being a Jealous God And Consuming Fire; About differences between Idols, ‘gods’ and ‘God of gods’; About National gods, Idols, Deities; About who is The Queen Of Heaven, About why Easter And Passover are different; About The Little Horn And Hanukkah;

About King Solomon And Shulamite; About The Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes and Herodians In Israel; About The Appearances Of God and how; About The Resurrected Saints Seen In Jerusalem when The LORD was on the cross. About The Resurrection And Early Appearances Of The LORD;

About the significance of The Temple Veil And Tabernacle Veil;
About Offering, Tithes & Giving; About Past Sins And Generational Curses; When Righteousness Is Filthy or Not Filthy Rags; About Grace And Being Dead To Sin;

About Spiritual Warfare And Authority; About Family Division, Love And Hate; About End Time Apostasy And Troublesome Times; About The Nicolaitans and, many other topics are covered..

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