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Finishing Strong In The End Times


This book follows on the first one, ‘The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”, which recounts events to follow for the end times. As the world enters the end time, everyone needs to know how to stand strong to the end. Individuals, families, and communities on earth will experience greater spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, financial, health, security, social and other challenges. Anguish, misery, desperation, falsehood, deception, betrayal, denial, self-centeredness, abandonment, loneliness, distrust, false accusation, covenant breaking, loss of self-restraint, ungodliness, disobedience, demonic operations, persecution, hate, intolerance, fear, ferocious aggressiveness, terrorism, intoxication, substance abuse, hazards, disasters, devastation, desolation, etc, will become more common.



Being able to pray effectively to get help from God is key to standing strong to the end. Individuals and families cannot afford to pray amiss, but know how to get the doors of heaven opened for help. They need to gain direct access into the very presence of God Most High

This book reveals the principles on which God operates to answer prayers. It also contains sets of effective prayers for individuals and families covering different areas. This includes Homes, Marriages, Relationships, Healings, Finance, Fruitfulness, Wisdom, Barrenness, Destinies, God’s Unique Plan For You, Dominance, Over-turning Adversities, Heavenly Door Opener, Praying Like Son of God, Deliverance From Bondage, Negative Generational Patterns, Spells and Curses, Bad Habits, Destructive Third-party, The Past Behind, Total Forgiveness, The Lord’s Passover, Peace In Place of Wars, Erasing Enemy’s Label, Spirits of Lot and Hagar, Confuse and Scatter Enemy, Warfare Stamina, Perseverance, Ending The Siege, Overcoming Weaknesses, Wrestling With God, Accessing God’s Glory, Thriving in Your Divine Birthright, Victory in heavenly or earthly Courts, Securing The Children, Rapture, Etc.


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