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  • Celebrating God’s Faithfulness In The End Time


    This book “Celebrating God’s Faithfulness In The End Time”, is about the coming fulfillment of The Feasts of the Lord. It is about God’s coming harvests celebrations of His household, the body of the Lord, Jews and Gentiles together for the End Time.

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  • End Time Countdown Messages


    The “End Time Countdown Messages”, focuses on revealing the undiluted truth of God’s word for the end time. It provides clarity, removing ignorance, confusion, heresies, deception, and doubt about God’s plan. All individuals, families and churches should know. Knowledge of the truth is what sets free. The end time is also not all about doom, gloom, panic and anxiety. Celebrations will abound.

  • Finishing Strong In The End Times


    This book follows on the first one, ‘The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”, which recounts events to follow for the end times. As the world enters the end time, everyone needs to know how to stand strong to the end. Individuals, families, and communities on earth will experience greater spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, financial, health, security, social and other challenges. Anguish, misery, desperation, falsehood, deception, betrayal, denial, self-centeredness, abandonment, loneliness, distrust, false accusation, covenant breaking, loss of self-restraint, ungodliness, disobedience, demonic operations, persecution, hate, intolerance, fear, ferocious aggressiveness, terrorism, intoxication, substance abuse, hazards, disasters, devastation, desolation, etc, will become more common.

  • The End Of Time Mysteries Unveiled


    This nonfiction guide recounts the events to follow for the end times, and what the author learned through visions from God. The book is a must for everybody, the young, the old of all social classes, races, colors, regardless of their faith, belief, or religion. The book is not about theology, doctrines or religion. It is about the truth, regarding the imminent ending of the current world system. This affects every person on Earth, the global economy, and government of every country.

  • The End Time Bible

    • Complete with Old & New Testament
    • Written in Today’s Language For All To Easily Understand.
    • Provides Clearer Understanding Of End-Time Events
    • Preserves God’s Original Message With No Verses Removed.
    • Comes With Commentaries And Cross-Referencing
  • The Mirror Of The Timeline OF The End Time


    This book, “The Mirror Of The Timeline Of The End Time”, reveals God’s farming process with identical patterns for the past, present and future seasons. The book reveals God’s objectives, plans and timeline for the coming harvest of His crops (God’s people) for this generation, the number of those to be saved and God’s plan for them, and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth, with His Son as the King and Priest, just as this second season ends and The Millennium, the third farming season starts.

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  • Understanding The Bible In The End Time


    What is The Day Of The LORD? Is it just one day or more, and what will happen? Who will be the two end time prophets of God in Jerusalem? What are their identities? Are Elijah And John The Baptist the same person or are they different?

    In the end time, will stars actually fall from heaven? And will there be war in heaven between the good angels and those of the Devil? Why, and will this affect the earth or how will it end?

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