Countdown Messages

Book 3: End Time CountDown Messages

“Get one for yourself. Get also for those you care about”

This third book, “End Time Countdown Messages, is for everyone in this generation and especially all who await the trumpet call. The book presents the undiluted truth of God’s word for the end time as the countdown starts. It provides clarity of truth, removing any ignorance, confusion, heresies, deception, and doubt about His plan. In the time of the end, many being blinded and some taking comfort in gray will be pillaged and plundered by the false prophets and shepherds. Many will be caught in scenes of mass hysteria, running around helter-skelter in ignorance. The end time is not all about doom, gloom, panic and anxiety. The end time is also a time of good news, harvest, joy and celebrations.

However, wolves in sheep clothing will abound in many numbers. The end time will witness increased deception by false prophets, teachers, shepherds and Pharisees. Their messages will come through the airwaves, radios, televisions, social media, prints, and even face to face in pulpits or street corners. It will include all kinds of human and satanic doctrines, some backed with miracles and wonders of great magnitude.

In addition, idolatry, modern and ancient, lust, abominations, blasphemy of God and His commandments in the society, will also increase. This is the environment for the Antichrist to arise and thrive. Many of the believers, will become lukewarm, taking comfort in gray (grey), and some will fail to make their election sure.

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#1 : Not All Doom, Gloom & Anxiety

  • Why End Time Is Not All Doom, Gloom & Anxiety
  • The Dangers of Comfort In Gray
  • The Parallels: The Past End Times vs This Coming One
  • Why God So Loves Human Beings Even Before Creation
  • Does God Really Have His Own Son And Why?
  • The Relationship Between God, His Son And The Holy Spirit
  • The Role Of The Holy Spirit On Earth In The End Time
  • The Counterfeit: Unholy Trio of The Devil, His AntiChrist And False Prophet

#2 : Countdown messages

  • How The Law Was Fulfilled For The End Time
  • Does Grace Mean Absence of Law?
  • How To Live Above The Laws In The End Time
  • Loving God And Loving Our Neighbors In End Time
  • The Sabbath To Stay From Creation To Eternity
  • The Sabbath Day: Is There A Right Day?
  • Can One Be Saved Once And/Or Not ForEver?
  • What Does It Really Mean To Remain In Jesus?
  • Stupor, Reprobate, Pruning vs Chastisement In End Time
  • What Makes God Happy: Why Does He Demand Total Obedience?
  • Why God Does Not Want Money or Sacrifice But Total Obedience?
  • Why EveryOne Is Known, Loved & Called, But Not Justified?
  • Discover Your Unique Purpose From Creation
  • How To Prevent Abuse of God’s Gifts By Satan

#3 : Countdown messages

  • The Sheep, The Ram & The Goats In The Church
  • End Time Separation, Persecutions & Tribulations
  • Terminating Dormant And Active Gateways To Sin
  • Global Idolatry And Defilements In The End Time
  • Can The Cross Become A Graven Image?
  • The Parallel Between Israel and The Church In End Time

#4 : Countdown messages

  • Counterfeit Prophets, Christs & Deception In The End Times
  • How Deceivers Perform Miracles, Wonders & Sign?
  • Recognizing True vs False Prophets in End Time
  • How To Handle Positive and Negative Prophecies
  • The Pharisees And False Shepherds of The End Time
  • The Body, Soul & Spirit In The End Time Battles
  • Unity Within The Church And Patterns, Etc
  • Children In The End Time
  • Working, Money, Planning and Saving In The End Time
  • Why Did God Create Some Rich and some Poor
  • Why Did God Create Satan & His Original Assignment?
  • Why Did Satan’s fail?: His Sins, Fall And Lessons For All.
  • Why Has God Allowed Satan To Remain Till The End?

God’s salvation through Jesus is for all. God does NOT delight or take pleasure that anyone should perish in the end. He wants all to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved through Jesus. However, there are some who will refuse the truth, will refuse to understand and will continue in their rebellious ways against God till it is too late.

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