The A-Z On End Of The World

“Time of The End Not All About Doom, Gloom, Anxiety & Mass Hysteria For Those Prepared”

  • Understand All About The End Time As-Easy-As-ABC
  • From Genesis – Through Daniel – To Revelation
  • What Was Shrouded In Mystery Is Now Unveiled To Us
  • Avoid Deception, Confusion & Anxiety About The Time Of The End
  • End Time Not All About Doom, Gloom, Anxiety & Mass Hysteria
  • Get Clarity – Know The Truth & Understand God’s Plan As Revealed
  • Prayers To Get Answers For Situations In The End Time
  • Prepare Yourself & Family – Be Ready For Rapture


Invaluable – Timeless – Priceless Aids For Individuals & Families In The End Time

The end time and events will affect every person, family, community and nation on earth regardless of age, race, location, government, religion, beliefs or practices. Everyone needs to understand as much as possible the coming end of time on earth. The end times (also called end time, end of time, end time events, end of days, time of the end, time of the end, last days, final days, the end of the world, close of age, end of earth, rapture, end time on earth, time of the end of the world on earth, end of this present world, armageddon, judgment day, eschaton, doomsday), was predetermined long ago. The end time had been shrouded in mysteries for ages, until now, in keeping with God’s timing, the time of the end. This veil has now been removed, in this generation, God’s appointed time, for all to understand.

The details of the coming time of the end are unveiled in the three books. It is broken down and presented in simple language, easy to understand and verify. Through The Three Set Of Books, Every Reader Will:

  • Understand God’s Plan and The Sequence Of Events Of The Time Of The End,
  • Know How To Prepare Yourself, Family & Loved Ones For The Coming End
  • Know How To Get Help From God During Troubles In The End Time,
  • Use Specific Prayers To Get Answers For Every Situation In The End Time
  • Know The Truth of God’s Word and Salvation For All
  • Avoid Falling Victim Of Deceivers In The End Time – Know How To Recognize them
  • Understand About Working, Money, Planning & Savings In The End Time
  • Know How To Finish Strong & Be Fully Ready For Rapture In The End Time

Book 1 of 3 : “The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”:

Every person and nation on earth will be affected, with no exception

Through the first book, “The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”, (released March 2017), God has unveiled to this generation the coming end time which had been shrouded in mysteries for centuries. Daniel was told ” the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end”, (Daniel 12:4, Daniel 12:9-10). Through a series of visions, revelations, and understanding received by the author, the ancient prophecies, revelations, and mysteries of are unveiled as the earth is made ready to enter the end time. These along with supporting scriptural and other references are contained in the new book, “The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”. Using very simple language for the readers to understand, the book unveils the long hidden mysteries, including sequence of events, from Genesis, through Daniel to Revelations.

This book is highly recommended for everyone to understand the details and the sequence of end time events planned long ago by God. Get one for yourself. Get also for your loved ones, those you care much about. .

Book 2 of 3 : “Finishing Strong In The End Times” :

Finishing strong book cover
Remove The Anxiety – Get A Copy For Yourself, Family & Loved Ones.
  • Understand God’s Principles To Finish Strong In End Times
  • Gain Access Into The Presence of God Most High
  • Prayers For Individuals and Families For Different Needs & Situations
  • Remove The Anxiety…. Get The Help For Yourself & Family
  • Get Copy For Yourself, Family & Loved Ones

The second book, “Finishing Strong In The End Times”, (released June 2017), follows on the first one. When God warns of what is coming, He also provides guidance and solutions, for those ready to receive it. This is what He has done through the second book, “Finishing Strong In The End Times”. Alongside the tough times, is the good news of help and deliverance from God. The book reveals how to get help for various challenges to come in the end time and to finish strong.

On one side as the world enters the end time, iniquity and misery will increase, while righteousness and peace diminish. The “beginning of sorrows or birth pains” forewarned by Jesus will formally set in. Individuals, families, communities, nations, and the world will experience greater and unprecedented onslaught of spiritual, physical, health, security, natural forces and disasters, (including earthquakes, wind storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, mud movements, fire, etc in various places), wars and rumors of war between nations, along with economic, emotional, and psychological challenges. Anguish, misery, desperation, deception, betrayal, abandonment, loneliness, distrust, covenant breaking, disobedience, hate, disasters, devastation, desolation, etc, will become more common. The birth pains is what leads to the rise of the antichrist in the world. This is the bad side. There is the good side also.

On another side is the good news of God’s help and deliverance available to all. Those who accept it will stand firm, be delivered and finish strong in the end. Jesus encouraged those in Him to see that they are not troubled, during the periods of birth pains. The secret is the door to get help from heaven must be opened.

This second book reveals the principles on which God operates. It reveals how to get effective help from God through prayers in the time of the end. It also contains several prayers and guides for various situations that are either already being experienced or will challenge individuals, families and communities in the time the world is entering.

Book 3 of 3 : “End Time Countdown Messages”:

For this generation & all awaiting the trumpet call

  • The End Time Is Not All Doom, Gloom & Anxiety
  • The Parallels of End Times & The Dangers of Comfort In Gray
  • Avoid Being Pillaged by End Time False Prophets & Deceivers, , Recognize Them.
  • Global Idolatry And Defilements In The End Time
  • Understand God’s Love & The Role Of The Holy Spirit In The End Time
  • Living Above The Law In The End Time
  • The Sheep, Rams and Goats In The End Time
  • Children In The End Time

The third book, “End Time Countdown Messages”, (released October 2017), is for everyone in this generation and especially all who await the trumpet call. It contains the undiluted truth to overcome end time deceptions. Many being blinded and some taking comfort in gray will be pillaged and plundered by the false prophets and shepherds. Many being purified by truth will experience joy and celebration which will escape others.

You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. Many perish for lack of knowledge of the truth. Get one for yourself. Get also for your loved ones, those you care much about.

Together the three books are an invaluable, timeless and priceless collections to aid individual, family, church and community for the end time.

The Time of the End on Earth or the human world had been prophesied long ago, in the bible including Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation. However, it had been kept shrouded in mystery till the appointed time of God.

“And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. 10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand”, (Daniel 12:9-10).

What was previously shrouded in mystery for ages, is now revealed in full, at God’s own timing and manner. God has unveiled the details, along with His help available and also how to avoid being deceived for the end time. These are contained in the three books, which together provide an invaluable, timeless and priceless collections and aid for the individual, family, church and community for the time of the end.

Other references to end time include the antichrist, false prophet, mark of the beast, 666, the little horn, ten horns, babylon, babylon the great, two witnesses, prophets in Jerusalem, abomination of desolation, war in heaven, great tribulations, the new heavens, new earth, new Jerusalem. Click  Here To Continue…

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