• Understand All About the End Time Events
  • From Genesis — Through Daniel — To Revelation
  • Know The Sequence of Coming Events As Unveiled
  • Avoid The Deception & Confusion – Know The Truth
  • Understand God’s Plan and Solution As Revealed
  • Remove The Anxiety – Get Help For Yourself & Family

That the present world and life on earth will end is not new. The coming End of the World has been prophesied long ago, in the books of Daniel and Revelations. It is not about if, but when the present world will end. The event, has been variously referred to as the End of Time, End of the World, The End Times, The End of This Present World, Armageddon, Rapture, Judgment day, etc.  The plan was predetermined long ago. Yet a great detail about the coming event has remained shrouded in mysteries for centuries. The understanding of the sequence of events leading to the end time had remained very cloudy. This has been so, in keeping with God’s timing, the appointed time, until now when the veil is now removed.

We are entering the very last phase, which is very short. Along with it comes an end on earth to human institutions and government, political, economic, social and religious system.  Life on earth as we know it will also cease. The time now left is very short indeed.

Every person and every nation on earth, with no exception, will be affected, one way or the other, regardless of their religious or no religious beliefs.  We all need to understand the coming events as much as possible. We must know the full truth. We also each need to make our individual preparations. We need help from God Himself.

We provide information concerning the coming events and how everyone will be affected. We provide answers to a number of questions, which had remained unanswered, concerning the coming human and earth’s last days. We provide answers to how to be prepared and not be caught off-guard when it happens.

Book 1: The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled:

“Every person and every nation on earth will be affected, with no exception”

We start with the new book, “The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”. , (28February 2017). Through a series of visions, revelations, and understanding received by the author, the ancient prophecies, revelations, and mysteries of the earth’s last days have been solved. These along with supporting scriptural and other references are contained in a new book,,  “The End of Time Mysteries Unveiled”. Using very simple language for the readers to understand, the book unveils the long hidden mysteries from Genesis, through Daniel to Revelations.

We recommend you get one for yourself. Get also for your loved ones, those you care much about. Other revelations received will be made available as soon as they are written up.

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Book 2:  Finishing Strong In The End Times

Finishing strong book cover
Remove The Anxiety – Get A Copy For Yourself, Family & Loved Ones.
  • Understand God’s Principles To Finish Strong In End Times
  • Gain Access Into The Presence of God Most High
  • Prayers For Individuals and Families For Different Needs & Situations
  • Remove The Anxiety…. Get The Help For Yourself & Family
  • Get Copy For Yourself, Family & Loved Ones

When God warns of what is coming, He also provides guidance and solutions, for those ready to receive it. This is what He has done through the second book, “Finishing Strong in the End Times”.

As the world enters the end time, everyone needs to know how to stand firm and finish strong to the end. Individuals, families, and communities on earth will experience greater spiritual, physical, psychological, emotional, financial, health, security, social and other challenges. Anguish, misery, desperation, falsehood, deception, betrayal, denial, self-centeredness, abandonment, loneliness, distrust, false accusation, covenant breaking, loss of self-restraint, ungodliness, disobedience, demonic operations, persecution, hate, intolerance, fear, ferocious aggressiveness, terrorism, intoxication, substance abuse, hazards, disasters, devastation, desolation, etc, will become more common.

This second book reveals the principles on which God operates. It reveals the solution and how to get effective help from God through prayers. It also contains several prayers for various situations that are either already being experienced or will challenge individuals, families and communities in the time the world is entering.